++++March 25th Workday Results++++

We made good headway preparing for our big event on April 1-2 the 3D Open!  Kudos to:
Paul Speckenheuer, Gregory Dodds, Tony, Pete Johnson and Belton Noseworthy for showing up.  With their additional help, we were able to repair damaged target housings and a roof, install additional arrow curtains, refabricate target butts, move back into the Clubhouse (now that the floors are refinished), and complete myriad other jobs!
We have one last PUSH before the big event – come out Friday, March 31st to help set up the 3D Targets and put up the final touches.  This unannounced Workday will start at 9:00 AM and run until 12:00 PM.  Come join us – DO YOUR PART TO KEEP OUR RANGE IN PRISTINE SHAPE!
EDHB Board