FULL RANGE CLOSURE for Weed Abatement Starting 5/26/23

The range is CLOSED at this time for required weed abatement and the club gate lock has been replaced. This because of our agreement with the goat herders. PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB THE GOATS.

Archery is not allowed while the goats are grazing & performing weed abatement. We will notify upon completion.

The goats containment fencing is currently from the north property line near #24 to #3. Neither circuit nor the sight in range can be safely used at this time.

As soon as the goats are finished with the Fire Department mandated weed abatement the range will reopen.

Please DO NOT sneak into the range, it jeopardizes our contract with the herders. Historically, the process takes about a week. Please contact our Range Manager with any questions.