Please Close the Gate!

Members are entrusted to close and lock the gate immediately after entering or leaving the grounds.   It has been noted that recently, a lack of compliance with this request has resulted in the gate being left open at all hours and overnight.  Please keep the following in mind:

  1. The privilege to park beyond the gate is a membership benefit, granted in appreciation for supporting the Club through dues.  Remember – we are completely self-funded!  Maintenance, targets, improvements, etc., are possible only through dues, donations and the volunteered efforts of Club members.  Leaving the gate open nullifies this incentive to join.

  2. Allowing non-member vehicles beyond the gate can result in their “capture,” when a conscientious member accidently locks them in.  A Board member must respond and “release” the captured individual.

  3. Leaving the gate open, especially overnight, invites trespassers.  In the past, this has resulted in break-ins to the buildings and damage to equipment.   Money spent on the repairs and replacement of equipment could have gone to much better use!

Please, help us to keep the Range safe and to minimize problems with lock-ins: close the gate each time you enter/exit the grounds.