November 2017

El Dorado Hills Bowmen
Club & Board Meeting Agenda
November 8, 2017


Treasurer Report –

Membership Report –

EDH Promise Foundation – We have applied to become a fund under the umbrella of the 501(c) 3 El Dorado Hills Promise Foundation. If our application is accepted, individuals will be able to donate funds to improve the Archery Range Facility and deduct their donations from their income tax returns. Our goal is to have this in place prior to December 31,2017 in order to take advantage of the 2017 tax year. The Foundation Board of Directors is schedule to meet and review our application on Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Election of Officers – As announced at the October 11, 2017 meeting, election of officers for 2018 is being held later this evening. Nominations are open for all offices and will be accepted until closed prior to the election.

Nominees for 2018 are:

  • President – Bill Peterson
  • VP Events – James Myers
  • VP Publicity- Kris Selberg
  • Secretary – Dave Powasar
  • Treasurer – Glenda Chastain
  • Range Manager – Greg Landon
  • Members at Large (elect Three) Tom Grube, Pablo Arreola, Richard Hensley

Archery Range Use permit between EDH CSD and EDH Bowmen is in the final stages of draft reviews. Should be ready for signatures early next week. The big news is that the previous agreement was written for 5 years…. the new agreement is to be written for 10 years…. at no charge to the EDH Bowmen.

January Awards Dinner and Officer Installation – Saturday evening January 13, 2018

Open Tournament – Sunday March 4, 2018


Club Storage Needs on the Range – We will vote this evening to approve or not a project to construct a large steel storage building on the range.

The project has been:

  • Discussed in general for the past year.
  • Developed by a committee of club members since April 2017
  • Approved by the EDHB Board at their October 4, 2017 meeting.
  • Presented to the club membership at their October 11, 2071 club meeting.
  • The subject of an e-mail sent to all club members.
  • Detailed in articles posted on Facebook, the EDHB web page and the Bulletin Board at the Archery Range.

The Project cost is estimated at $40,000

The motion to be voted on this evening by the general club membership is:

“The motion is to approve a club expenditure not to exceed $35,000 for the construction of a steel storage building, to be spent incrementally over the life of the construction project and with the caveat that at no time would the total of our three bank accounts be allowed to drop below $15,000. Tax deductible donations will be sought for the balance of the construction cost.”

Running Deer Target Repair – Greg Landon has located arrow stop curtains (8ft by 20ft and rated to stop 70# bows) that can be hung behind the running deer target. The curtains can easily be taken down and stored out of the weather. We would like to have this repair completed prior to the open shoot.

A motion is presented to approve $1100 for purchase of:

  • Two curtains ($720)
  • A new 3d target to ride the cable. (est. $300)

Range Maintenance Projects

  • Re-gravel the entry road – Tony Dunn Sr. has made arrangements for several loads of Road Base to be delivered and spread on the entry road and parking lot. This repair will be made after the first rain when the ground is moist and optimum compaction can be achieved.
  • Drainage Culverts – At the same time the road is being re-graveled, culvert will be installed at 1) the service road entering the sight in road, 2) replace the failing wooden bridge leading to target#27, and 3) to replace the slippery steep wooden bridge leading to the “frog depository”
  • Fire Break – Funds have been approved to scrape a firebreak inside the new wooden fence for the entire length of El Dorado Hills Blvd and the housing property line at the north end of the range.
  • Trail Widening – Funds have been approved to widen the trail leading from Target #3 to Target #4 to accommodate ATV service traffic.
  • Pre-Emergent Spray Program – Funds have been approved to contract a one time application of pre-emergent weed control on the trails on both Field target loops (1-14 & 15-28), and other areas.
  • Repair target enclosures – Done
  • Benches – Ten benches have been replaced. Several others are scheduled for repair.
  • Kiosk Bulletin Board at Range – Done
  • Increased Signage – All Signs (no smoking & no broadheads etc.) have been purchased and constructed. Five signs remain to be positioned.
  • Paint Shipping Container – No progress
  • Banner Posting Frame – No Progress. Plans are under consideration to modify the existing street side “banner positing frame” to eliminate the visual interference created by the new split rail fence.