August Club 3D trip

Let’s go as a club group to the shoots and just have a fun time shooting! Come out and join the fun, as we journey to different Archery ranges for the 3D shoots each month.  Whether you enjoy the competition or if you just shoot for fun!

The Scheduled August Shoot:

1) Saturday and Sunday August 5 & 6 The San Francisco Archers 1 Million BC Shoot 2018

This is a two day event with camping. I will be leaving Friday morning at 8:30am to get a campsite,
If anyone can leave then and would like to carpool just contact me via email or a leave a message on the club Facebook page. Otherwise we will see you there , come by the camp.

Please let Greg Landon know if you plan to attend by accepting this event.

Phone: 916-716-9802


Storage Building Clean-out, Saturday 6/23

The Wooden Storage Buildings are going away!
A work party is schedule for Saturday June 23 to clean them out. We want to beat the heat so the workday will start at 7:30.  Some will come earlier…some will come later.
Everything in the three buildings and the container will be evaluated… either save or throw away.
Following the work day and for one week thereafter, all disposed of items will be outside the container.. free for any member who wants them…first come…first serve. After that, it all goes to the dump.
We need to reduce our current 650 sq ft storage down to 160 sq ft of temporary storage. We will be disposing some of our lesser quality 3d targets, inoperable equipment, and assorted muckets.
So plan on coming to participate in this epic event.
Bill Peterson

Rattle Snake Sighting

I just wanted everyone to be aware it is that time year again. Our first rattle snake was sighted on the trail at target # 19 on March 31st.  So please be aware they are out there just be cautious especially around rocks, logs, or tall weeds where they like to hide.
Here is an informational attachment.


  • Greg

North American 3D Shoot Results

El Dorado Hills Bowmen would like to thank all Archers who attended the North American 3D Shoot! We hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather and had a great time on our course!

Here are the final results:

2018 3D Tournament – NFAA Awards

2018 3D Tournament – NFAA/CBA Member Scores

2018 3D Tournament – Guest Archer Scores

Please, note, we only posted scores of those who submitted their score cards at the end of the tournament. If you are certain you turned in your scorecard and do not see your score posted, please contact:

We will keep all the registrations and submitted scorecards until March 16th, 2018.

EDHB Gate Combination Changes

EDHB gate combination changes next weekend – Sunday 18 Feb.

Check your renewal confirmation for the new combination.



The El Dorado Hills Bowmen have partnered with the El Dorado Community Foundation and with the El Dorado Hills Promise Foundation to create a means by which you can make tax-deductible donations to the El Dorado Hills Bowmen. These donations will be used to develop/maintain the Archery range and to promote community outreach/ public involvement in the sport of Archery.

The proposal we submitted to the Foundation (link below) provides insight into our proposed use of the funds and our ambitious vision for the Range and Club.

EDH Promise Foundation Proposal

Information about the El Dorado Community Foundation can be found at their website:

Our immediate goal is to augment the recently approved funds to purchase and construct a new building on the range.

We must apologize that this opportunity comes so close to the end of the 2017 tax year. Donations postmarked December 31 or earlier will be eligible for inclusion on 2017 income tax returns.

If you choose to participate, simply make your check payable to “El Dorado Hills Bowmen” and mail it to the El Dorado Community Foundation. Include you address and you will then receive confirmation of your donation and documentation to support your tax return.

El Dorado Community Foundation
312 Main Street   Suite 201
Placerville, CA 95667

This effort will help support EDH Bowmen for continued use and enjoyment of the Archery range.

The El Dorado Hills Bowmen established the Range in 1963, a 55 year legacy of stewardship.

New Storage at the Range

Storage Justification – November 8th Meeting.
Approval for funding a project to construct a metal storage building will be voted on at the next monthly meeting of the EDH Bowmen.  (Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 6:30pm at the range)
As presented at the October Club meeting and mentioned in previous e-mails, Club members will be asked to approve the expenditure of club funds to purchase and construct a large metal storage building.
The justification, construction, and funding document for this ambitious project was presented at the October meeting. This document, with modifications, is now posted on the club WEB Site. You are encouraged to visit the web to read this document or pick up a printed copy at the bulletin board at the start to target #1
The project cost is estimated at $40,000. The motion is to approve a club expenditure not to exceed $35,000 to be spent incrementally over the life of the construction project and with the caveat that at no time would the total of our three bank accounts be allowed to drop below $15,000. Tax deductible donations will be sought for the balance of construction costs.
Please consider reading the proposal and attending the November club meeting.
Since 1963, a 54 year legacy of stewardship exercised by a succession of active club members….Join the tradition.
To read the justification, click on the link:


Range Target Team Schedule

My thanks to you all for volunteering to change the paper targets at the range.  Many of you were present at the Sept 9 meeting and we discussed the best way to handle this. As a result, let me clarify the plan.
We established three teams of volunteers.  Each team would be responsible for the paper targets for a month…..once every 3 months.
We decided that at the beginning of the month, the team would replace targets on #1- #28.  One month we will put Field Targets on #1-#14 and Hunter targets on #15-#28.  The next month this will be reversed with Hunter targets on #1-#14 and Field targets on#15-#28.
Recognizing that the sight in range and the 20yd range get shot out faster, team members will periodically check and replace targets as needed.
As we approach the beginning of the next month, we can judiciously decide to replace or not replace individual  targets that we know will soon be changed with the normal monthly change out.
The Teams are:
Team #1
Larry Cody
Duane Heilman
Jacob Alway
David Alway
Team #2
Gerry Clouser
Dan Murphy
Pete Johnson
Team #3
Ed Grandez
Jacob Steinbach
Jeff Rogers
Craig Von Chance
Leonard Payne: as needed if available-Call him
I would like each team to pick a team leader who would coordinate the monthly “change out” date with team member availability,
When life’s schedules conflict, I hope that one team could call on members of the other teams to help and fill in.
A list of Names, phone numbers, e-mails and lock combination is on it’s way to all team members.
The Key lock to the target shed has been disabled.  All it takes now is the combination.
Lets start the rotation with
Team#1.    Sept, Dec,March
Team #2  Oct, Jan, Apr
Team #3 Nov, Feb, May.
A method that seems to work well is one person in the shed gathering and marking Targets as to where they go. One person on the ATV with trailer loaded with fresh marked targets. Two people walking along with the ATV pulling off the bad, putting them in the trailer, and putting up the new. In a leap frog manner.
Again we cannot talk about paper targets without recognizing Dennis Sorensen who cuts cardboard and pastes targets so that when we go to the target shed, there are new targets to put out.
If you know any member who would like to join this elite group of target changers, please invite them to join your Team, or contact me.
This definitely qualifies for dues discounts.
My thanks to All
Bill Peterson

Reduce Your Membership Dues!

Would you like to reduce your membership dues for next year?  The deadline for completing club workdays is October 31, 2017. 

While there are many individual tasks that need to be completed on the range, there will be very few formal workdays between now and the deadline. Therefore, consider asking for an individual task which you can complete at your convenience to receive workday credits.

We have a list of tasks posted on the Bowmen’s Clubhouse wall, including post holes which need to be dug, signs to erect, target enclosures to be painted, and carpentry work on twenty target enclosures.

Contact Bill Peterson for details @

If you plan to earn credit towards next year’s dues, don’t put it off until it is too late or the work plan for this year is done.

Volunteers Needed: Replace Paper Targets!

One of the most critical tasks performed on the range is replacing damaged paper targets.  When the targets are not replaced regularly, the aesthetic quality of our Archery Range deteriorates.

We all need to thank long time member Dave Stroncak for doing this, very important, work on a regular basis. Thank you Dave!

But we cannot rely solely on Dave for this task to be completed since we all benefit from fresh targets!   We would like to enlist a group of members/volunteers to replace the paper targets.  The plan is to schedule work dates for the target replacements and have the team sign up to finish pre-determined tasks as it fits their schedule.

The pre-cut targets (thank you, Dennis Sorensen) are available in the target shed along with instructions on quantity and sizing for each target.

If enough members volunteer for this team, it should not be an overwhelming task falling on just a few.

If you can help your club this way, contact Bill Peterson @