Choose your Membership

Membership presents many benefits including preferred parking, club shoots, friendly atmosphere, help in improving your archery skills, free attendance in “How to” classes, and much more!

A youth who has not reached 18 years of age and who is a dependent of, or sponsored by, an adult.
An adult 18 years of age or older. Members in this class obligate themselves to actively participate in maintenance of the range.
An adult head of household 65 years of age or older, their spouse/significant other and dependent children living at home up to age 21.
A “Head of Household,” their spouse/significant other, and dependent children living at home up to age 21.

If you’d rather mail your application, along with a check for your membership dues, please download the Membership Application.


What amenities does the facility offer?

The Range consist of a Circuit Course which includes 28 targets at differing distances and elevations; a 10-20 yd. Training Range; a 30-100 yd. Sight in Range; a 5-10 yd. Kiddie Range; and a Broadhead Pit (please note that broadhead arrows are ONLY allowed at this location).

Is the Range open to the public?

The Club keeps the Range open for use by the public. It is normally accessible from dawn to dusk. A $5 day-use donation from those 16 yrs. and older is requested to help defray costs. You may donate online or at depositories located near the Sight-in range, Broadhead pit, and on the path to target #1 of the circuit course.

Why should I become a member?

If you love the sport of archery and want to ensure the Range remains open and well-maintained – come become an active member! We are wholly dependent upon dues/donations for the $35-40,000 budget necessary to keep it running. In addition to helping keep the facility viable, members enjoy access to the upper parking lot, reduced rates for EDHB and other archery clubs’ events, can participate in Club shoots and advanced archery-related classes such as fletching, equipment tuning, etc. Most importantly, membership offers the company of friendly, like-minded archery enthusiasts.

Are archery classes available?

The Club normally offers beginning archery group classes for aspiring archers of all ages in partnership with the CSD from March through September. Classes cover safety, equipment, basic shooting form, and plenty of practice. Check for registration and cost by using the keyword “Archery” in the search at CSD’s website.

In addition, several Club members are certified as instructors by USA Archery, the National Governing Body for the Olympic sport, and offer private classes at a cost.

What is the Club's relationship with the El Dorado Hills Community Services District (CSD)?

The Range is located on property owned by the CSD and leased to the EDHB which oversees all aspects of the facility. We enjoy an excellent partnership, working towards keeping this beautiful property undeveloped and available for use by the community.

Who oversees the Range?

The Range is operated by the El Dorado Hills Bowmen (EDHB) Archery Club, a 501(c)(7) Organization which meets Internal Revenue Service criteria for tax-exempt status. The Club and range management are overseen by a Board of elected Officers. All maintenance, operations, and improvements are funded/completed solely through club dues, public donations, and member efforts!

Can I use my crossbow/firearm/slingshot, etc., on the Range?

These and other items are prohibited due to a combination of safety concerns and potential for damage to the grounds/equipment. A complete list of Range Rules is available on our Range Page.

Who can join the club?

Anyone who wants to enjoy archery in the great outdoors is eligible to join!

Does the Club hold regular meetings?

Club meetings are normally held the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Notice of the meetings are posted to the website and distributed via email.

How can I donate to support the Range?

Cash donations are routed to the Friends of El Dorado Hills Public Archery Range (FEDHPAR), a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations to FEDHPAR will be used solely for Range maintenance and improvement. See our website Donation Page, which details various other ways to contribute.

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