May 2019

I. Call to Order
The meeting originally slated for April 10 th was cancelled. This meeting was held at Mountain Mikes Pizza, 2222 Francisco Drive, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. Mr. James Myers called the meeting to order at approximately 6:30 PM.

II. Attendance
The following Board members were present: Vice President James Myers, Range Manager Greg Landon, Treasurer Glenda Chastain and Secretary Sal Segura. Members Joe Pettus, David Still, Jason Spears, Scott Smith, Eric Land and Tony Dunn were also on hand to welcome two new members: Brennan Boatsman and Robert Doyle.

III. Secretary’s Report
Mr. Segura reported that since the April 13 th meeting, 14 memberships have been added. They breakdown as follows:
Adult Family Senior Youth Life/Board
6 7 1 0 0
Club totals are now at 199 accounts, representing 362 individual members.

IV. Treasurer’s Report
Ms. Chastain related that member dues and donation (Frog) income continues to be historically higher than average. She also indicated that final tally of the Open Shoot exceeded expectations and provided figures on the Train-to-Hunt proceeds. Expenses for the month of March included reimbursement for the Open Shoot concession purchases, miscellaneous target expenses, portable toilet fees, and a donation to CHS/FCCLA. Significant, anticipated expenses include payment for weed control and a variety of fees linked to the new building.

V. Old Business
a) Mr. Pettus provided a recap of the storage building construction progress. Although building components were delivered on April 17 th (many thanks to all who helped with unloading, especially member Eric Land, who operated the lift), there have been several unexpected delays. These include the need to secure additional engineering specifications from the manufacturer, and issues related to the permitting process itself. Permit approval has required not only coordination with the county building authorities, but with the Fire Marshall’s Office. Additionally, the amount of applicable fees is significant and petitioning for waivers will entail cooperation from the school district, the County Board of Supervisors (BOS) and the fire department. Mr. Pettus has tentatively secured a waiver of related fire fees; however, the fire department’s approval requires construction of a vehicle turn-out along the access road, posing an additional expense. Supervisor Hidhal has managed to include our request for a county fee waiver on the agenda for the BOS meeting scheduled for May 21 and, upon return, Mr. Peterson will continue to work on securing other waivers.
b) Train-to-Hunt (TTH) – Mr. Myers recognized the efforts of various volunteers who helped make the event a success. He reported that the event, which took place March 22-24th , drew a total of 30 competitors, including 9 from the Club. Congratulations to members David Still, Garrett Dutter, James Myers, Matt Brozek, Max Fregoso, and Mason Klomp for finishing. Special congratulations to Pam Brozek for 1 st Place Women's Masters, Dennis Klomp for 2nd Place Men’s Masters/2nd Place Men’s Team, and Kelly Fregoso for 1st Place Women’s Super Masters/1st Place Women’s Overall! Though registration numbers just made the cut-off, the TTH coordinators were so pleased with the facility and support provided by the Bowmen they have already placed next year’s event on the circuit. James related that the event spurred a lot of local interest and has resulted in members scheduling Sunday morning workouts at the Range. Everyone is invited to join them prepare for next year’s competition!

VI. New Business
a) Several membership and recognition issues were discussed.
b) Mr. Segura briefed the membership on the California Deer Association’s (CDA)
approach to the club for participation at their Women & Wine 4 Wildlife event being held at the Cielo Estate Winery on July 20 th . He reported that the Club has donated a Family Membership as a drawing prize and Mr. Myers has kindly volunteered his time to provide the winner with two archery lessons. Involvement with the CDA is another example of the networking the Club is working on to enhance membership and liaisons with like-minded organizations. The event sounds like a fun time and members are encouraged to attend.

VII. Events
a) The Club does not have any pending events; however, Mr. Landon reminded members that he and others are coordinating Club outings to other club shoots. The next outing is the Bay Area’s Red Devil Shoot on May 19 th . Details are being posted on the Club’s Facebook page and website.
b) Mr. Myers reported that the CSD Classes continue, with the next scheduled for May 11th. Classes are also scheduled for June, July and August. Members are welcome to come out and help, observe or just pass the word out and help recruit new archers!
c) James related that he, Joe Pettus and Gary Crain recently hosted a CSD Recreation Staff Picnic/Shoot. 18 CSD staff members attended and all reported having a great time. The event served to further cement our relationship with the CSD organization and prompted a request to partner with them in hosting another Olympic Day or similar activity, perhaps in early September. They would also like to be included in planning for the eventual “grand opening” of the new storage building.

VIII. Maintenance Projects
a) Mr. Landon related that the rains have continued to take a severe toll on the hay backer bales and those at targets #20, 11 and 12 are in dire need of replacement. Inspection of the rest of the Range also revealed that work on the wooden frames is needed. He will try to schedule a Work Day to get these tasks taken care of.
b) Mr. Segura related that spraying for weed abatement was completed and various spots adjacent to the roadway or signage were weed whacked. Additional attention will be necessary at other locations, as the extra rainfall has spurred weed growth and not all areas were treated.

IX. Good of the Order
a) Mr. Segura recounted conversations with various new members who wish to help with maintenance but cannot normally attend Work Days due to family or work commitments. A discussion ensued regarding ways in which these volunteer efforts can be utilized. It was suggested that Mr. Landon might develop and post a list of necessary repairs/tasks for which members can individually volunteer. In order to receive work credit, they will need to coordinate the work with him; he will subsequently report applicable credit to the Secretary.
b) Mr. Myers cautioned that we are getting many reports of rattlesnakes. Members are urged to be careful when retrieving arrows or walking in rocky or brushy areas. He also related that two turkeys have been found wounded by arrows and had to be put down. All wildlife on the Range is protected and it is illegal to shoot at any live animal on the facility. He will post an appropriate notice/warning on the Facebook page and asked that members who see this type of behavior take steps to correct or report it.

X. Adjournment
Vice President Myers adjourned the meeting at 7:35 PM.