May 2018

El Dorado Hills Bowmen
Club & Board Meeting Agenda
May 9, 2018


Treasurer Report –

Membership Report –

EDH Bowmen Secretary – On April 25, 2018 a notice was e-mailed to all members notifying that the club office of Secretary would be soon vacated due to Dave and Sonia Powaser relocating to Alabama this summer. Volunteers were solicited to fill the vacancy. SAL SEGURA was the sole member offering to fill this important position. Additional nominations will be accepted at this meeting followed by a club vote to fill the Secretary position.

Web Page Enhancements – Ryan & Jessica are currently investigating ways that we can accept application AND PAYMENTS on our WEB site. Kris Selberg and James Myers are working to establish an EDH Bowman PayPal account to accept dues on line.

EDH Promise Foundation – The EDH Bowmen have been approached by the EDH Promise Foundation to switch from our current El Dorado Community Foundation to the EDH Promise Foundation. James Myers, Joe Pettus and Bill Peterson recently met with Allan Priest of the Promise Foundation and came away feeling positive about a possible switch if certain issues can be clarified.


Club Social/Fund Raiser at 36 Handles Pub – Wednesday 6 June 2018. The club will receive 20% of food and drink purchase by patrons who mention the El Dorado Hills Bowmen. While the promotion runs from 10am to 10pm, we encourage members and their friends to gather around 6pm for a social event to swap stories and good times.

36 Handles Pub and Eatery
1010 White Rock Road
El Dorado Hills.

Try Archery – the one-day archery classes offered by EDH CSD will be conducted on Saturdays June2, July7, and August 4. These classes are conducted by EDH Bowmen members, USA Archery certified instructors, James Myers (lead instructor), Law Welsh, Dave McReynolds, and Bill Peterson.

USA Archery Instructor Certification Class – On May 6, members JOE PETTUS and SCOT SMITH earned their Level 1 Instructor certificates from USA ARCHERY.
If you are interested in becoming part of the instructor team for the CSD “Try Archery” program, see James Myers and the Club will assist in the certification expense.

Girl Scout Training – On Friday , April 27,2018, JAMES MYERS volunteered to provide archery instruction for 16 Girl Scouts from Troop 2602.


  • Additional Youth Archery Equipment – The EDH Bowmen Board approved the purchase of four new bows ($531) to augment our equipment used for community instruction programs. We also received a donation of additional arrows and arm guards
  • Workday Waste Box Expense – Previously, El Dorado Waste provided complimentary 30yd waste disposal boxes for our workdays. That has changed and we paid $495 for the box at our last workday. We are currently submitting applications for restoration of the complimentary disposal boxes at future workdays.
  • Storage Building Approval Process – On April 24, 2018, Joe Pettus and Bill Peterson met with a CSD representative, the CSD Arborist, and a civil engineer to review the proposed “Target 14” location for the new storage shed. During the on site discussion, this proposed location was withdrawn due to excavation grade and tree proximity problems. A location adjacent to the existing wooden storage buildings was then reviewed and found acceptable to all parties. Aerial photos showing the newly submitted location are posted at the range. A subsequent visit to the County Planning Department in Placerville determined that the project is appropriate for the zoning and need not be submitted to the planning department for approval.
    A revised proposal was submitted to CSD on April 28. We are hopeful for CSD approval by the end of May.
  • Paper Target Replacement Plan – Our thanks to returning member SCOTT SMITH, who has been regularly replacing paper targets through out the range. We have a very good team of members who have volunteered to replace paper targets on the range through out the year. We have a problem with scheduling the replacements. Range Manager Greg Landon and Scott will be working to find a better way to involve all the team members.

Range Maintenance Projects

  • Weed Control Spray – The 1st time application of pre-emergent spray last fall appears to be working very well. A “Spring Time” application is scheduled for May 9 & 10th and will require that the range be closed during the application of contact and pre-emergent spray by a licensed contractor.
  • Fire Break – The firebreak was dug on May 4, 2018. It extends the entire length of El Dorado Hills Blvd and approximately 200 yards along the north and south property lines.
    Road Culvert Installation – Additional culvert was installed along side the range entrance road enabling us to widen the path leading to Target #27.
  • Bale Replacements – Target Bale replacement occurred on April 21, 2018. Bales were replaced on the sight in range, the 20yd CSD range, Targets #7, 13, 14, 20, 27 and 28. We now have several fresh bales in storage for unplanned needs.
  • Increased Signage – The “Range Open/Range Closed “ flip sign has been replace in the lower parking lot. A no smoking sign remains to be installed at the 20yd range.
  • Individual Target Signs – At each target is a sign describing how many arrows to shoot from which color marker in order to complete a NFAA certified round. The current plastic/paper laminated signs were ravaged by the winter storms and sun exposure. We are investigating the cost of a more permanent solution.
  • Paint Shipping Container – No progress
  • Banner Posting Frame – EDH member JASON SPEAR is building a new frame to elevate the existing street side “banner positing frame” and thus eliminate the visual interference created by the new split rail fence.