March 2019

I. Call to Order
The meeting was held at Steve’s Pizza, 3941 Park Dr #100, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:50 PM.

II. Attendance
The following Board members were in attendance: President Bill Peterson, Vice President James Myers, Range Manager Greg Landon, Treasurer Glenda Chastain, Secretary Sal Segura and Member-at-Large Tom Grube. Members Joe Pettus, Pete Johnson, Dan Healy, Jessica Apfel and Ryan Joseph were also in attendance.

III. Secretary’s Report
The Club has accrued an additional 12 memberships since the last meeting. The breakdown is as follows:
Adult Family Senior Youth Life/Board
5 5 2 0 0
These included 5 dependent members bringing the Club totals to 182 memberships, representing 330 members/dependents. Based upon historical records, membership is well ahead of recent years. It is surmised that additional social media exposure and representation at community events has helped to improve this year’s results. We continue to have delays in submittal of required application paperwork. Follow-up indicates there is confusion involving the input required to effect PayPal payments on the website. Applicants who fail to read the instructions believe the PayPal entries complete the application process. At this point, there are three paid memberships pending for this reason.

IV. Treasurer’s Report
Ms. Chastain provided an overview proceeds from the Open Shoot. Registration, food sales and drawings netted a modest profit for the Club in spite of the poor weather. Of special note was the equipment donation from past members, Harley and Sharon McGee, which was offered in a drawing and comprised almost one-third of event profits. Ms. Chastain indicated that the Club is seeing an overall increase in both dues and Frog income. Significant expenses this past period included final payments for the Club Dinner, withdrawals for the Open Shoot set-up and final payments for purchase and repair of the 3D Targets. The Club also continues to make necessary installments towards the new storage building.

V. Old Business
a) Mr. Peterson reported on progress of the new storage building. We are awaiting bids from several concrete contractors for the foundation slab and member contacts are expected to yield reductions in the cost of concrete, reinforcement steel and concrete pumping. Mr. Peterson outlined significant, additional costs which will be incurred as we continue with the building and provided a summary of anticipated, routine Range maintenance expenditures and
income for the remainder of the year. Based upon the cost of permits, materials and labor, the Club’s coffers may be challenged and result in the need to delay or minimize some of these maintenance projects. There was considerable discussion on which tasks might be postponed, as well as how building costs might be further reduced, including approaching members who might be associated with the necessary trades and services. Mr. Peterson said he will continue to solicit reductions or donations in material/labor wherever possible, and the Club will emphasize reliance on volunteer labor as often as it can. He also indicated that the Club is continuing to work with El Dorado County Supervisor John Hidhal to have county permit costs waived or reduced.
b) Smarter Archers – Mr. Peterson related that these training sessions will resume, now that the Open Shoot and Train-to-Hunt events are nearly concluded. The next session will be on Bare Shaft Tuning. A tentative date of April 3 rd was selected for the class.

VI. New Business
No new issues were brought forward.

VII. Events
a) Mr. Peterson and Mr. Myers complimented all those involved in the Open Shoot, as it went very smoothly. Approximately 135 participants attended, and all feedback was very positive, despite the wet weather. Special kudos were given to Ms. Apfel and Mr. Joseph, who were able to quickly set up accurate registration and scoring systems; to Sportsman’s Outlet, Wilderness Archery and Iron Hub Winery for their donations; and, as previously mentioned by Ms. Chastain, to the McGees for their equipment donation.
b) Mr. Myers reported on arrangements for the Train-to-Hunt Event, slated for March 22-24th . Although registration has been slow, the coordinators indicate that first events are typically low in attendance and registration typically speeds up during the week prior – they are still enthusiastic about moving forward. James provided an overview of the event schedule: 1 st day will include a run-and-shoot segment; the 2 nd will include physical and hunting challenges. He also discussed logistics and covered the roles Club volunteers will be filling, which include not only set-up/break down, but service as judges and in concessions.
c) CSD Archery Instruction – Mr. Myers reminded members that classes have been
scheduled for March 16 and April 13, with more expected in May and August. Registration is through the CSD Recreation Center.

VIII. Maintenance Projects
a) Target Maintenance – Following the Open Shoot and continuing storms, most targets were in dire need of replacement. Members Dan Healy and Dennis Sorensen combed the entire Range and replaced all targets during the past week.
b) As with the targets, the storms and constant use have taken their toll on the backing bales of hay. There was discussion about needing to replace all 154 bales pending the return of good weather, perhaps in May. Mr. Landon will arrange additional Work Days for this purpose.
c) Our backhoe operator, Mr. Mark Odlin, while assisting with a vehicle rescue on the Range, noted that there are several soft spots developing on the access road. He suggested purchasing and spreading a transfer load of road base, in the near future, to avoid further damage and road wash-outs.
d) Mr. Peterson related that Member Jason Spears continues to work on fabricating a replacement lock assembly which adapts to the new, required Fire Department locks at the entrance gate.

IX. Good of the Order
Mr. Peterson reminded all of his impending vacation. In his absence, Mr. Myers will handle routine Club business, Mr. Pettus will continue to work with the county in acquiring the new building permits and Mr. Gragg will handle construction-related tasks.

X. Adjournment
President Peterson adjourned the meeting at 8:15 PM.