June 2019

El Dorado Hills Bowmen
Meeting Minutes
June 12, 2019

Call to Order

  • The meeting was held at Steve’s Pizza, 3941 Park Dr #100, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. Due to a misunderstanding with the establishment, the meeting was held in the general dining area, which resulted in considerable difficulties in managing the agenda and discussions. Nevertheless, President Peterson called order at approximately 6:30 PM, then did his best to convey discussion topics, despite the din, among the scattered tables. These conditions resulted in a considerably abridged meeting.


  • Attending were the following Board members: President Bill Peterson, Range Manager Greg Landon, Treasurer Glenda Chastain, Secretary Sal Segura and Member-at-Large Tom Grube. Members Pete Johnson, Dan Healy, David Still, Dennis Shaw, Scott Smith, Melissa and John Hayes, Rob and Darlene Kumstel, Ken Martzen and Cindy Yamasaki, Jason Spears, Dennis Klomp and Eric Baggesen were also in attendance. Mr. Peterson welcomed new members to the Club and expressed his pleasure at the number of members in attendance.

Secretary Report

  • Secretary Segura related the Club has accrued an additional 9 memberships since the last meeting, with the following breakdown:
    Adult Family Senior Youth Life/Board
    1 7 1 0 0

    Membership now stands at 208 accounts, representing 282 members.

Treasurer Report

  • Ms. Chastain provided an overview of the Club’s financials. The accounts all remain in good stead; the only significant expense this period was approximately $2,000 paid out for weed control. Income included the proceeds from two Community Services District (CSD) Try Archery classes.

Old Business

    • Mr. Peterson provided the latest regarding progress on the new storage building. The
      most significant delays have involved county/fire/school and other building permitting fees. The initial fee estimate was approximately $17,000. Thanks to Bill’s and Joe Pettus’ efforts, and the assistance of Supervisor John Hidahl, county fees have now been waived. Remaining fees total roughly $2,500. Bill will be attending a meeting with the involved schools and he and Joe will continue to work on the fire department fees in an attempt to reduce fees even further.
      The permit application process is complete and is pending only final settlement of the fee schedule. Members Tony Dunn Sr. and Jr. anticipate starting excavation for the footings in mid-July, with installation of concrete forms and rebar following July 20 th . Member Tom Brower has secured a good rate for the concrete necessary for our floor slab and was able to get use of a concrete pumper donated.
      The permitting process has resulted in other Range upgrades necessary to meet updated fire codes. These involve installation of a water storage tank and widening of the access road – approximately $3,000 in unanticipated costs. Despite these additional hurdles, the project continues forward!
    • Smarter Archers – The original date for the next installment of these workshop, Bare
      Shaft Tuning, was not met due to a variety of conflicts. Although Mr. Peterson intended to select an alternative date, a discussion and date selection was not possible at this meeting.

New Business

    • 3D Club Fun Shoot – interest has been expressed in holding a shoot, primarily for
      members. Guests could be charged for a wrist band entry. Unfortunately, conditions at the
      meeting did not allow for the necessary discussion to take place on this item.
    • As previously noted, the Club website is in dire need of attention. Necessary
      improvements include streamlining the application/renewal, email subscription, and payment processes; timely posting updates and event information; culling outdated materials and notices, improving its visual appeal; and effecting regular maintenance. The Club is hoping to find members who will help in determining the best approach to making this very necessary revamp happen, then overseeing its maintenance.


    • CSD Try Archery Instruction – classes continue through the summer. Sessions are
      scheduled for July 11 and August 10. Member/Instructor James Myers welcomes help, and members were reminded that proceeds from these classes contribute to the Club’s coffers.
    • CSD Plug-In Event/Food Truck Festival – The CSD will be celebrating activation of their
      parking lot solar panel relays on June 19th . This celebration will include food trucks and live music. The CSD has invited Bowmen to staff an informational booth. Mr. Peterson and Secretary Segura have committed to doing so from 4 to 8 PM. Prior participation at these events has enabled us to make more of EDH’s residents aware of the Range and undoubtedly contributed to membership. Members were encouraged to attend and assist, if possible.

Maintenance Projects

    • Bale Replacement – 161 bales of hay have been scheduled for delivery on June 17 th .
      These will replace all the considerably weathered backers presently on the Range. Notices have been posted/sent via the website, Facebook and MailChimp soliciting volunteers to help in this labor-intensive task.
    • As previously discussed, several soft spots have developed along the access road. It is
      expected that the backhoe operator hired to dig the new building footings will be asked to expand his scope of work to include fixing the road, and perhaps, widen the sections of the road necessary to comply with the new fire codes.

Miscellaneous/Good of the Order

  • Several members have expressed an interest in organizing regular, weekly member shoots starting in April next year. The success of this proposal will depend on follow-through and involvement of the organizers. This topic will be discussed further at the next meeting,
    under more favorable conditions.
  • Member Dan Murphy has offered to donate a 4’ x 8’ utility trailer to the Club. Member Roger Chan has also donated two compound and a take-down recurve bow. The former will substitute for our smaller trailers, which are in poor repair. The latter donation will likely be
    auctioned off at an event.
  • Given the significant difficulties encountered in getting Steve’s Pizza to reserve the space necessary to hold our meetings, Mr. Peterson has decided to explore other venues.
    Members should pay special attention to notices advising of the change in location for future meetings.


  • President Peterson adjourned the meeting at 7:24 PM.