January 2019

El Dorado Hills Bowmen
Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2019

Call to Order

  • The meeting was held at Steve’s Pizza, 3941 Park Dr #100, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. After some mingling, President Bill Peterson called the meeting to order at approximately 6:38 PM.


  • The following Board members were in attendance: President Bill Peterson, Range Manager Greg Landon, Treasurer Glenda Chastain, Secretary Sal Segura and Member-at-Large Joe Pettus. 
  • Club Members Jessica Apfel, Ryan Joseph, Scott Smith, Dub Roberts, Jason Spears, Pete Johnson, Dave McReynolds, Jerry Clouser and Dan Healy were also present. The Club welcomed new member, Neal Takahashi to the Club.

Secretary Report

  • Mr. Segura reported that renewals had slowed to a trickle. In addition to renewals, we have 13 new memberships. The Club stands at a total of 128 memberships, which break down as follows:
    Adult Family Senior Youth Life/Board
    22 36 59 0 11

    These memberships include 94 dependents.

    Mr. Segura related that the PayPal payment option is posing challenges, since the application/renewal documents are not always submitted/returned as required. Maintaining the Member Roster up-to-date is critical; therefore, he will not distribute Membership Packages until the proper form/information is received. As an interim measure, an Application/Renewal Form Word Template has been created and posted to the website. This allow new/returning members to email the necessary form to accompany payment. The form can also be printed out and mailed.

    Sal also provided an overview of the Membership Package contents, which have been expanded to include flyers on Range Rules, a Range Map, target scoring criteria, etc. It is hoped this additional information will be of help to new members. Also included in the packet is a flyer for the annual Awards Dinner.

Treasurer Report

  • Ms. Chastain provided an overview of Club’s financial status. Frog donations totaled approximately $1,400 over the prior 12 months. Expenses for this past month included various reimbursements to Board members for out-of-pocket expenses, insurance premiums, port-a-potty maintenance and costs for weed control. She also commented on the per transaction cost of using PayPal and Credit Card means of payment through the website. 
  • Ms. Chastain also related that the Club’s bank, El Dorado Savings, has been purchased by Pacific Western Bank. This will result in necessary administrative changes and adjustments to book-keeping and accounting procedures.
  • President Peterson reported on the outcome of the EDH Bowmen Charitable Foundation fund, which received over $1,200 in donations and was matched for a net total of over $2,500. Our heartfelt thanks to the anonymous benefactor!

    Bill also related that following the December vote, approximately $8,000 had been spent on 3D targets and that we have approximately $10,000 in impending charges for fill, compaction, testing and grading in preparation for the new Storage Building.

Old Business

    • Web Enhancement – Ms. Apfel and Mr. Joseph reported that work continues on the on-line Application/Renewal processes. A test site is up and running but debugging is still being conducted. They invited members to help them test the system and identify problems before release of the program. Mr. Peterson expressed his desire to continue the forward momentum with the aim of eventually completing a whole-scale revamp of the website and its contents.
    • 3D Targets. Mr. Landon reported on the status of the new 3D targets. As a result of a manufacturer-direct purchase, the Club procured an additional two targets and several extra cores at no cost! Delivery is expected Monday or Tuesday (week of January 14th).
    • Storage Building Excavation/Construction – –It was hoped fill and grading would take place January 4-9. Unfortunately, after making necessary announcements and closing the Range, fill delivery was abruptly cancelled due to concerns about over-saturation. Heavy rains will continue to delay this initial work but grading should start as soon we have a dry spell. The Range will be closed to all traffic while the work is conducted. Members will receive MailChip notices and the closures will continue to be posted to the website.
    • Smarter Archers – The Club is soliciting member input on the type of classes/instruction/discussions it should host at these workshops. Please contact Mr. Peterson with your suggestions or if you are interested in leading a session. The next event will likely be held in February. Notice will be provided through email and the website.
    • Broadhead League – The Club has not had an active Broadhead League for over two years, and sporadic interest has been voiced in resuming it. A meeting has been scheduled for January 23rd, at 6:30 PM, at the Clubhouse. This is an opportunity for those interested in resurrecting the League to provide input. Unfortunately, despite the interest voiced in the past, the participation necessary to organize and set the Range up for this activity has not materialized. This meeting will determine whether the Club should continue to spend further time/resources on this topic.

New Business

    • Now that the first stages of construction have been tentatively scheduled for the new Storage Building, shopping for a suitable structure and pad construction are next on the agenda. While specific Club members have been intimately involved in the project, Mr. Peterson encouraged all members to participate with ideas and recommendations. The Club authorized $35,000 for this project and the contractors and community, especially Mr. Veerkamp, have been very generous in discounting the cost of their services. We hope to use volunteers in the stages ahead, to continue to help keep costs down.
    • Despite signs posted throughout the facility, there is concern that unauthorized use of broadheads is causing damage to the backer bales and targets, resulting in the need for more frequent replacement. A recent email asked members not to participate in this activity and to discourage it when witnessed. The membership engaged in a considerable amount of discussion regarding use of broadheads, and options for facilitating their use on the Range, including creation of a target pit. In the end, it was determined that because of other pending projects and activities, revival of the Broadhead League is the best option to enable broadheads to be shot on the facility. Unfortunately, the Broadhead League will only resume if volunteers commit to doing the work and preparation necessary to resurrect it.
    • Target Auction Results – Mr. Peterson reported that Saturday’s auction of old 3D targets netted just over $800. The sale was deemed very successful, in spite of the rain, and cleared a significant amount of the Club’s very limited storage space.


    • Sportsman’s Expo Youth Archery Booth – Mr. Peterson related that we have 11 volunteers for this event. He would like to have a total of 18 to 20 to allow staffing in two-hour-shifts, enabling volunteers to explore the grounds and exhibits during their off time. Volunteers will meet at the main entrance to Cal Expo on Sunday January 20th at 9:00 AM to obtain passes and additional instructions.
    • EDH Bowmen Annual Dinner Social – Ms. Chastain reported that only 14 couples have responded at this point. She provided additional details regarding the menu and encouraged members present to spread the word, as we will need to have a count of attendees for food preparation. The dinner will take place on Saturday Jan 26th, at the American River Grange Hall in Rancho Cordova. Social hour will start at 6:00 PM and dinner will be served at 7:00 PM. Cost remains at $20 for adults and older children; $14 for children 12 and under. A flyer is being included in the Renewal Membership Packets and information will be posted on the Club Website and through Facebook.
    • Annual 3D Open Club Tournament – Mr. Peterson reminded members of the 3D Shoot slated from March 1st –3rd. Staging will be on Friday; Saturday will be the free Club Shoot; and Sunday will be the Open. Volunteers are needed for a variety of tasks. Please contact Mr. Landon and Mr. Meyers if interested in Target Preparation/Repair/Set Up; Ms. Chastain and Mr. Peterson for Registration; and Mr. Grube and Mr. Smith for Concessions.
    • Regional “Train to Hunt” Competition – President Peterson reported that this event, slated for March 22nd -24th, is being heavily advertised in Oregon and is receiving National exposure. The Club stands to profit not only from the promotion, but monetarily, from concession sales and a percentage of attendance fees. Once again, volunteers will be needed to ensure its success.

Maintenance Projects

    • Target Maintenance – Thanks, once again, to Scott Smith for leading the effort on this critical activity. He and Mr. Landon are working on creating a new system to divvy out this work and include other volunteers. This task requires basic knowledge of how/where to post hunter v. field targets, rotation schedules, etc., since there is a potential for loss of National Field Archery Association certification if the Range does not meet certain criteria. It was decided that Greg and Scott will develop an outline of duties and processes then hold a meeting of volunteers to ensure proper coordination and posting.
    • Workdays for Tournament and Target Preparation – Mr. Landon reported on the success of the December 29th Work Day. Many 3D targets were repaired, repainted and renumbered. Unfortunately, several targets need new cores, which had not yet arrived; however, a majority of the necessary work was completed. A second Work Day will be scheduled to finish this task.
    • Target Markers – Mr. Pettus recently surveyed yardage markers throughout the Range. These will be replaced and repainted soon and should be finished before the Open Shoot and Train-to-Hunt events. Thank, Joe, for your prolific application of the paintbrush on benches, signs, etc.
    • Weed Abatement – The season’s final application of pre-emergent is complete. The next application will take place sometime in Spring.

Miscellaneous/Good of the Order

  • Mr. Peterson reported that he has now been trained on MailChimp. This will lighten the burden on other Board members who have traditionally handled the task but are short on time. As a result of Bill’s renewed skills, the membership is likely to see more notices and updates to activities. Members are strongly encouraged to subscribe to the Club’s email notices as this is a primary means to ensure updated information on Club events and Range status.


  • President Peterson adjourned the meeting at 7:57 PM.