January 2018

El Dorado Hills Bowmen
Club & Board Meeting Agenda
January 10,2018


Treasurer Report –

Membership Report –

EDH Promise Foundation – On December 19,2017, the El Dorado Hills Bowmen were accepted as a qualifying fund under the auspices of the El Dorado Community Foundation, a 501(c)3 Charitable Foundation. The public can now make donations payable to the El Dorado Hills Bowmen, mail them to the El Dorado Community Foundation, and receive letter documenting a qualified charitable tax donation on their income tax.

Archery Range Use permit between EDH CSD and EDH Bowmen was signed on November 14, 2017. The permit is valid for 10 years.


January Awards Dinner and Officer Installation – Saturday evening January 13, 2018

Sacramento International Sportsman Exposition – Sunday January 21,2018
We need volunteers to man the youth archery free shoot boot from 10am to 2pm on Sunday January 21, 2018. Volunteers will receive free admission and reimbursement for parking. See WEB page for details

Free Club 3D shoot and Hamburgers– Saturday March 3, 2018

Open Tournament – Sunday March 4, 2018


  • Planning for Awards Dinner
  • Planning session for open Shoot
  • Vision for this next year.

Range Maintenance Projects

  • DONE – Re-gravel the entry road
  • DONE – Drainage Culverts – At the same time the road is being re-graveled, culvert will be installed at 1) the service road entering the sight in road, 2) replace the failing wooden bridge leading to target#27, and 3) to replace the slippery steep wooden bridge leading to the “frog depository”
  • DONE – Construct safety arrow stop behind Target #10
    Fire Break – Funds have been approved to scrape a firebreak inside the new wooden fence for the entire length of El Dorado Hills Blvd and the housing property line at the north end of the range. Scheduled for this spring
  • DONE – Trail Widening – Funds have been approved to widen the trail leading from Target #3 to Target #4 to accommodate ATV service traffic.
  • DONE – Pre-Emergent Spray Program – Funds have been approved to contract a one time application of pre-emergent weed control on the trails on both Field target loops (1-14 & 15-28), and other areas.
  • DONE – Repair target enclosures
  • Running Deer Target Repair– Arrow stop curtain and surplus moving pads have be obtained. New existing 3D target has been identified for use. All to be assembled and tested during work day prior to open shoot.
  • Benches – Ten benches have been replaced. Several others are scheduled for repair. In progress
  • DONEKiosk Bulletin Board at Range
  • Increased Signage – All Signs (no smoking & no broadheads etc.) have been purchased and constructed. Five signs remain to be positioned.
  • Paint Shipping Container – No progress
  • Banner Posting Frame – No Progress. Plans are under consideration to modify the existing street side “banner positing frame” to eliminate the visual interference created by the new split rail fence.