February 2019

El Dorado Hills Bowmen
Meeting Minutes
February 13, 2019

Call to Order

  • The meeting was held at Steve’s Pizza, 3941 Park Dr #100, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. The meeting was called to order at approximately 6:50 PM.


  • The following Board members were in attendance: President Bill Peterson, Vice President James Myers, Range Manager Greg Landon, Treasurer Glenda Chastain, Secretary Sal Segura and Member-at-Large Tom Grube. Members Scott Smith, Dan Healy and Ryan Joseph were
    also in attendance.

Secretary Report

  • The Club has accrued an additional 42 memberships since the last meeting. The breakdown is as follows:
    Adult Family Senior Youth Life/Board
    22 8 10 0 2

    There are now a total of 168 memberships, representing 308 members/dependents. 24 memberships are new and 144 are renewals.

    Five paid memberships are pending processing, due to failure of the paying party submitting the required Application or Renewal Form. Mr. Segura explained that even if the member is renewing, the forms are necessary to update changes in contact information, number of dependents, etc. This issue will eventually be resolved by integrating application/renewal information into the electronic payment system.

Treasurer Report

  • Ms. Chastain updated members on the status of the various Club accounts. Although Frog donation totals were not yet available, it appears there is a significant increase over the same time last year.
  • Expenses included a small donation to the CHS FCCLA, who provided and served an excellent meal at the Awards Dinner, a variety of costs for Range and target preparation and maintenance. Construction-related billings have also begun to come in. The $8,000 expenditure for updating 3D targets has not yet been processed.
  • Mr. Peterson listed other pending costs incurred in completing Phase 1 of construction of the storage building. While the bills from the two major contractors, (Veerkamp and Younghdal) have not yet been received, he believes they may likely include adjustments for the Club’s non-profit status.
  • Mr. Peterson also related that the transition to the El Dorado Hills (EDH) Promise Foundation is complete. This change will strengthen the connection between the Bowmen and the Community Services District (CSD), as well as the local community.

Old Business

    • Web Enhancement – Mr. Joseph related that work continues on the on-line Application/Renewal processes.
    • 3D Targets. Mr. Landon reported the arrival of the last of the new 3D targets. They are a tremendous improvement, and most will be much easier to repair that their previous counterparts.
    • Storage Building Excavation/Construction – Mr. Peterson reported that the fill and grading processes were complete. Although the estimates for fill requirements were significantly short, quick thinking and cooperation from Veerkamp representatives prevented additional delays. Once the necessary run-off/drain precautions were taken care of, the County conducted a final inspection, clearing the Club for Phase 2 of construction. Mr. Peterson thanked Veerkamp Engineering and Youngdahl Consulting for their assistance. Both companies have been invited to a Bowmen-hosted Family/Team Building Day to show the Club’s gratitude.

      Member Tom Brower has secured services of a concrete pumping service and the Club is in the process of identifying contractors to pour the building footings and floor slab. Construction documents are also being prepared and it is anticipated an application for the building permit will be submitted in the next two weeks. To this end, members Peterson, Pettus and Segura met with County District I Supervisor John Hidahl, who committed to assisting in navigating the County permitting and fee processes. Mr. Peterson and Mr. Pettus subsequently met with County Building Planning staff, who seemed more amiable towards the project than on previous
      Mr. Peterson praised Joe Pettus for his negotiating skills, which secured a suitable building at the significantly reduced price of $22,000. A deposit has been made towards its purchase. A variety of documents pertaining to the specifics of the building were available during the meeting for member perusal.

      Mr. Peterson related he will be out of the area for an extended period. In his absence, Mr. Kerry Gragg will assume oversight and keep the project moving forward.

    • Smarter Archers – Given the attention required for other projects and events, these workshops have been placed on hold. The Club plans to resume them after the Annual Open Shoot and Train to Hunt (TTH) events have concluded.
    • Broadhead League – Mr. Peterson related the meeting on January 23 only had five members in attendance. It was determined that the lack of necessary involvement renders resurrection of the League and regular broadhead shoots unviable. Instead, the Club will attempt to schedule two Saturday “Broadhead Sight-In” events in July, prior to the start of hunting season.

New Business

    • No new issues were discussed.


    • CSD Archery Instruction – Mr. Myers related that these training sessions would resume, with classes presently scheduled for March 16 and April 13, with more expected in May and August. Registration is through the CSD Recreation Center. James encouraged members wanting to get involved in instruction to attend and assist, when available.

      Mr. Myers also discussed pending updates to the CSD Recreation contract under which the Club provides instruction. The new contract will increase the share of the $35/student charge relegated to the Bowmen.

    • Annual 3D Open Club Tournament – Mr. Myers and Mr. Landon updated members on progress towards the 3D Shoot slated from March 1st – 3rd. Thanks were expressed to the volunteers who participated in various Work Days scheduled over the past months. As a result of their efforts, most preparatory tasks needed to get the Range and targets in shape have been completed. Mr. Myers also related that members have “stepped up” to lead the Target Preparation/Repair/Set Up; Registration; and Concessions groups during the event; however, this is the Club’s main fund-raiser and additional volunteers will be essential to its success. Members are asked to contact Mr. Landon or Mr. Meyers if interested in participating in any capacity.

      Staging will begin on Friday at 9:00 AM; Saturday will be the free, members-only Club Shoot from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, followed by a BBQ/Social Event; and Sunday will be the Open Shoot. Additional details concerning parking, shooting stations, communication, etc., were discussed. Members were asked to, “spread the word” about the event, whenever and wherever possible.

    • Regional Train to Hunt Competition – Mr. Myers reported that this event, slated for March 22nd -24th, presently has 27 participants registered (requires a minimum of 30). However, it is typical for participants to delay enrollment until just before the event and TTH representatives are confident the event will move forward. The contract between TTH and the Bowmen is underway. While TTH will handle most operations, the Bowmen will need to supply 10 volunteers on Saturday and Sunday.

Maintenance Projects

    • Target Maintenance – Heavy storms over the past month took a severe toll on all posted targets. Member Dennis Sorenson has volunteered to help with a complete overhaul.
    • Additional Work Days – Mr. Landon surmised that the Club may be sufficiently caught up to avoid scheduling an additional Work Day prior to the Open Shoot. To date, over 60 targets have been prepared/updated, distance/station markers have been spruced up/replaced and, one of the most previously time-consuming tasks: weed eradication, has been minimized through pre-emergent spraying. Kudos are in order to members Landon, Myers, Pettus and others who have dedicated individual time for the many, behind-the-scene tasks which keep the Range and associated equipment in good shape!
    • Mr. Peterson reported that the gate lock assembly was recently broken and had to be replaced. This entailed coordination with the EDH Fire Department, since the emergency access Knox Lock could not be removed, and replacement requires a permit. A new Knox Lock has been purchased and Member Jason Spears is assisting with manufacturing a replacement lock assembly.

Miscellaneous/Good of the Order

  • Members asked when the next pre-emergent application will take place. Mr. Peterson responded that it will be sometime in May.
  • Mr. Landon asked if members might be interested in group travel to the various shoots being held throughout the region. Several in attendance indicated they would like to travel together. Mr. Landon was asked to provide a list of potential events for consideration.
  • Mr. Myers reported on various requests from schools and other organizations to use the Range and/or for instruction. Unfortunately, most are for training to be held during the week and are difficult to accommodate, due to the volunteer nature of our instructors. Additionally, given the ongoing focus on the Open Shoot and TTH event, it was decided the Club should avoid committing to additional training until April or May.


  • President Peterson adjourned the meeting at 7:50 PM.