February 2018

El Dorado Hills Bowmen
Club & Board Meeting Agenda
February 13, 2018


Treasurer Report –

Membership Report –

EDH Promise Foundation – Status of Donations to the Foundation. The public can now make donations payable to the El Dorado Hills Bowmen, mail them to the El Dorado Community Foundation, and receive letter documenting a qualified charitable tax donation on their income tax.

Web Page Enhancements – Ryan & Jessica are currently investigating ways that we can accept application AND PAYMENTS on our WEB site. These and other exciting new possibilities will be considered at the March Board Meeting.

March Club Meeting Canceled – With all the “end of February/early March” activity, we will take a break and hold the next Club Meeting on April 11, 2018


Range Work Day – Sunday February 25, 2018

Open Shoot set up – Friday Mach 2, 2018

Free Club 3D shoot and Hamburgers – Saturday March 3, 2018

Open Tournament – Sunday March 4, 2018


  • Storage Building Approval Process – The construction project proposal was presented to the EDH CSD General Manager on February 5, 2018. This starts the 3-step CSD approval process. (CSD Staff, EDH Design/Review, EDH CSD Board of Directors). It is anticipated this will take 2 months after which we will initiate building purchase negotiations and obtain a El Dorado County Building Permit. If the target #14 location is approved by CSD, it is anticipated that we will remove 900 cubic yards of soil. Under consideration at this time is to use the soil to build up the picnic area behind the Clubhouse in preparation for a possible future picnic structure project.
  • Planning session for open Shoot – James has prepared a comprehensive list of tasks that need to be done. We have volunteers for half the tasks. We need to complete the list.
  • Paper Target Replacement Plan – We have a very good team of members who have volunteered to replace paper targets on the range through out the year. We have a problem with scheduling the replacements. We need to find a better way to run this program.

Range Maintenance Projects

  • Increased Signage – Three new signs have been installed on the trail to target #1 (No Smoking etc, No Crossbows etch, Welcome…feed the frog). Two no smoking signs remain to be installed at the sight in range and 20yd range. Plans exit to replace the “Range open/range closed” flip sign at the lower parking lot.
  • New Additional Depository. New member Jason Spear will be constructing a new Depository to be installed on the trail to Target #1.
  • New Banner – A new “Open Shoot” Banner was purchased and has been installed advertising the up coming shoot.
  • Weed Control Spray – The 1st time application of pre-emergent spray last fall appears to be working very well. A second application is planned for latter this spring.
  • Bale Replacements – Bale purchase and replacement is planned this spring (after the rains) for the sight in range and the 20 yd range only.
  • Paint Shipping Container – No progress
  • Banner Posting Frame – No Progress. Plans are under consideration to modify the existing street side “banner positing frame” to eliminate the visual interference created by the new split rail fence.
  • Fire Break – Funds have been approved to scrape a firebreak inside the new wooden fence for the entire length of El Dorado Hills Blvd and the housing property line at the north end of the range. Scheduled for this spring