THANK YOU, Volunteers!

These past two weeks we finalized two major projects: adding the concrete aprons to the Storage Building and completing renovation of our target enclosures. We're now in great shape for our Members Only 3D Shoot scheduled for July 24th! A HUGE "thank you" to those that come out to help, especially to Rob and his Team, who rose before dawn on the 10th to meet the concrete truck by 5:00 AM, then worked like crazy to finish the concrete work before the sun came to full bloom on this scalding day! The Range CANNOT be kept up without help from its membership. IF YOU USE AND ENJOY THE FACILITY, WE'D REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR HONEST EFFORT TO DONATE A

****REMINDER****2021 Members’ Only 3D Shoot

The Range will be CLOSED to the General Public! The Event start at 10:00 AM, end at 2:00 PM and include: 3D Targets on Circuit Course Stations 1-14; Competitive Shooting (or For Bragging Rights Only); Long Shot Competition; Flying Pig Competition; and Kids' Zone/Shooting Lessons (with equipment provided). Door Prizes will be awarded and New Bows Raffled! Complimentary Lunch and Drinks will be Served We will close the day with announcements of the Results of the Raffle and issuance of the Door Prizes (must be present to win)! MEMBERS - THE SUCCESS OF THIS EVENT DEPENDS ON YOUR PARTICIPATION AND VOLUNTEERISM! Please sign up to help at: Additional details contained in our Club Chimpmails (check your Spam Folders)!