The El Dorado Hills Bowmen is a non-profit organization of volunteers who maintain, and manage operations of the public El Dorado Hills Bowmen archery range. Our dedicated members each contribute funds and time to build/maintain target stations, trails, roads, structures, signs, on the Bowmen range, and keep the range running smoothly. We also provide beginning archery courses, and hold several events annually to grow local community engagement in the sport of archery. Our members are proud to be able to work with the El Dorado Hills Community Services District and provide the local community open access to a world class archery facility.

If you have visited the archery range in the recent past, you have likely noticed that we have been hard at work to improve the quality of the facility. You have also likely noticed several storage structures on the property in varying degrees of disrepair. Storage buildings are an integral part of our facility’s operations, as they house tools, supplies, targets, and archery equipment necessary for range operations. We have a vision to improve these structures, to enable operational efficiency with better organization of maintenance materials. We plan to grow our total storage space to allow for storage of additional archery equipment with plans to initiate a Junior Olympic Archery Program at our range, and loan equipment to future Olympians as they start their journey in Archery. Finally, a new structure will improve the aesthetics of our range on the hillside along EDH Boulevard.

Thanks to the efforts and donations of several individuals, local companies, as well as range members, we are on a path to fulfill our vision of building a new storage barn… We have completed the first phase of the project preparing a level site with 500 cu yds. Of Engineered Fill and compaction. We are starting the second phase with plans to pour a 2,000 sq ft concrete foundation, and raise a 2,000 sq ft, steel materials storage barn.   

We could use your help!  We are seeking both monetary and “in kind donations” from individuals and companies in support of our efforts and the local community.  An “El Dorado Hills Bowmen fund” managed by the El Dorado Hills Promise Foundation (, a 501(c)3 status charitable foundation, has been created to enable additional funding for our ambitious project.   In addition to the tax benefits resulting from a donation, the Bowmen plan to publicly thank all supporters by recognizing them via our highly visible banner at the entrance to the range on El Dorado Hills Blvd.

Monetary donations can be sent to the El Dorado Hills Promise Foundation, or submitted online at ( specifying  “El Dorado Hills Bowmen” under the “Donation Tab”. For in-kind donations, project status information, or to volunteer in support of our project, contact Vice President, James Myers, 720-217-3373; or President, Bill Peterson at 916-933-1375,