December 2018 Meeting Minutes

El Dorado Hills Bowmen
Meeting Minutes
December 12, 2018

Call to Order – The meeting was held at the EDH Bowmen Clubhouse, located at 3321 El Dorado Hills Blvd., El Dorado Hills, CA 95762. President Bill Peterson called the meeting to order at approximately 6:03 PM.

Attendance – The following Board members were in attendance: President Bill Peterson, Range Manager Greg Landon, First Vice President James Meyers, Treasurer Glenda Chastain, Secretary Sal Segura and Members-at-Large Tom Grube and Joe Pettus.
Club Members Jessica Apfel, Ryan Joseph, Daniel LaSage, Scott Smith and Dan Healy were also present. In addition, Mr. Lee Kirkpatrick, representing Cub Scout Pack 465 provided a proposal for potential use of the Range.

Secretary Report – Mr. Segura related the Club would finish the 2018 Calendar Year with 213 memberships and provided the following breakdown:

Adult Family Senior Youth Life/Board
31 77 86 2 17

These memberships included 330 dependent members, representing a total of 543 individuals.
Mr. Segura added that 2019 Renewal Forms were mailed during the last week of November/first week of December and were starting to trickle back in. The present-day counts are:

Adult Family Senior Youth Life/Board
5 8 27 0 3

These memberships include 24 dependent members.

Treasurer Report – Ms. Chastain provided an overview of Club finances, including income from membership dues and Frog donations. Expenses this month included supplemental insurance costs incurred as a result of addressing El Dorado Hills Community Services District concerns over the amount of liability coverage.
President Peterson summarized significant impending expenses, the most noteworthy related to continuing construction of the Storage Building. He emphasized that costs for the latter have been reduced significantly through the generosity of Mr. Doug Veerkamp of Veerkamp Engineering.
Members were reminded of the EDH Bowmen Charitable Foundation and of the fund-matching program that had been in place, thanks to an anonymous benefactor. Mr. Peterson related that the matching program ended December 11th and he would have a final accounting of the
results by the January meeting.

Old Business

  • Web Enhancement – Mr. Myers, Ms. Apfel and Mr. Joseph described work they recently
    engaged in to take membership enrollment processes into the electronic age by enabling
    payments via the website. Both PayPal and credit card payments have been added as of the
    first week of December. Although very basic at this stage (hard copy membership forms are still required to be mailed), additional work during the next few months will enable collection of all necessary member information. After this significant update is complete, the group will look at a total revamp of the Website to update and make it more dynamic. President Peterson thanked everyone for their efforts.
  • 2019 Club Officers. President Peterson reported that though this topic was discussed
    during the November meeting, there were insufficient Board members available to form the
    quorum required to confirm and install the nominees. Accordingly, he asked for a vote to make
    the following Board nominations official:

    • President – Bill Peterson
    • Treasurer – Glenda Chastain
    • 1st VP Events – James Myers
    • Range Manager – Greg Landon
    • Secretary – Sal Segura
    • Member-at-Large – Tom Grube
    • Member-at-Large – Joe Pettus

    The nominees were voted in unanimously. Mr. Peterson made note of the remaining openings for 2nd VP Publicity and for a Member-at-Large and emphasized his desire to refill all positions in order to avoid overburdening existing representatives. Those interested may contact him directly.

  • Storage Building Excavation/Construction – Mr. Peterson explained that the Club has
    contracted for engineering needs and secured necessary permits for site preparation to begin. Excavation and fill will start as soon as the rains and ground saturation allow. He indicated that Veerkamp Engineering has very generously discounted the cost of grading/compacting and that Stumpf Rock, Sand and Gravel will provide the necessary engineered fill. The Range will be closed to all traffic while the work is conducted.
  • Smarter Archers – The Club will continue in its efforts to hold discussions/instruction on
    archery-related topics. These will include bow adjustments, arrow selection, equipment repairs, etc. These gatherings are intended not only to assist those new to the sport, but to allow more experienced members to share their knowledge and for Club members to get to know one another. Notices about planned topics and dates will be shared via email and the website.
  • Broadhead League – There is continued interest in resuming this league; however, there
    are presently not enough members willing to involve themselves in the work necessary to get it re-started. Mr. Peterson will be inviting those interested to meet in January. The meeting results will determine if there is enough enthusiasm and commitment to warrant moving forward.

New Business

    • 3D Targets – Mr. Landon and Mr. Myers reported on their recent survey of the Club’s 3D targets. Most of the Club’s stock is comprised of older Ragland targets, which are in various states of disrepair. It was determined that to continue to conduct 3D fund-raising events, it will be necessary to replace at least 5 large targets and many target cores. Further, because many of the Ragland targets do not include replaceable cores, or are otherwise beyond reasonable repair, it was proposed they gradually be replaced with Reinhart or McKenzie brand targets, which are tougher and more easily repaired. Mr. Landon provided an estimated cost of approximately $8,000 to effect the purchase and repairs. Significant discussion ensued, during which it was explained that past annual expenditures for this type of purchase have averaged in the range of $3-5,000. For various reasons, the Club has not kept up with replacements during the past two years, thus increasing this year’s price. Systematic replacement of damaged targets in the future will even out costs.

Mr. Peterson asked for a vote on the proposed expenditure. The expenditure was approved.

  • Mr. Lee Kirkpatrick, representing Cub Scout Pack 465 addressed the membership. He has taken on the task of developing a Shooting Sports Program with the Boy Scout District/Golden Empire Council. He has started the program by introducing the scouts to air rifle competition but hopes to soon expand to archery. Once started, it is his hope to have weekly shooting sessions at the EDH Bowmen Range. The membership generally approved of his endeavor and encouraged him to return when the program is ready to get underway.


    • The California Bow Hunters/State Archery Association (CBH/SAA) Big Game Club Banquet and Award Dinner will be held this year at the Courtyard by Marriott, Sacramento. President Peterson will attend and represent the Club. He encouraged others to take this opportunity to learn more about the CBH/SAA organization, which offers a variety of potential benefits to both individual and Club affiliation.
    • Sportsman’s Expo Youth Archery Booth – This event will be held at Cal Expo on Sunday January 20th. As in the past, the Maya Archery Club has organized the archery community’s representation and kindly included our Club. The Club will be offering archery lessons to youth attendees. A minimum of 8 members will staff the booth. We are hoping for at least 12 to 15 volunteers, which will allow for breaks and for participating Club members to tour the event during their “off” time.
    • EDH Bowmen Annual Dinner Social – Ms. Chastain provided details regarding this event, which will take place on Saturday Jan 26th, at the American River Grange Hall in Rancho Cordova. Social hour will start at 6:00 PM and dinner served at 7:00 PM. Cost remains at $20 for adults and older children; $14 for children 12 and under. A flyer is being included in the Renewal Membership Packets and information will be posted on the Club Website and through Facebook.
    • Annual 3D Open Club Tournament – Mr. Meyers reminded members of the impending 3D Shoot slated from March 3rd – 5th. Staging will begin March 1st. Mr. Meyers asked for volunteers to head up three divisions of tasks: Target Preparation/Repair/Set Up, Registration, and Concessions. After discussion, it was agreed Mr. Meyers and Mr. Landon will oversee Targets; Ms. Chastain and Mr. Peterson Registration; and Mr. Grube and Mr. Smith Concessions. It was stressed that many, many more volunteers will be needed to continue to make this event successful.
    • Regional “Train to Hunt” Competition – Mr. Meyers reported that the Club will be hosting the first Train to Hunt event on the West Coast. This competition will take place from March 22nd -24th.and is already drawing considerable attention, as indicated by the over 5,000 Facebook “hits” received on the Club page. While event organizers will oversee most preparation and event operations, the Club need to supply several targets and at least 10 volunteers. We will be compensated for use of the facility/volunteers based upon the number of competitors. In addition, there are various opportunities to take advantage of the event’s popularity and crowds to raise additional funds through concessions and other activities.

Members discussed other possible means to enhance the experience for competitors, spectators and our membership.

Maintenance Projects

  • Weed Abatement – Mr. Peterson related that weed spraying took place on December 6 – 7. This year, spraying was expanded due to the success and reduced labor experienced after last season’s application.
  • Cardboard Targets – Member Scott Smith was recognized again for his continued dedication in ensuring paper targets throughout the Range remain in good condition. We’ve had some issues in scheduling and organizing volunteer help in the past. Mr. Landon and Mr. Smith will continue to explore ways to address this important task. On a related note, the Club has switched to a program of purchasing pre-glued targets and received its first shipment.
  • Mr. Landon reported that although the purchase of the 3D targets was approved, there is a need to update and maintain existing targets. Many need scoring rings marked/repainted and miscellaneous repairs. This will be critical considering the upcoming Club Open Shoot and Train to Hunt events. Keep an eye out for announcement of Work Days to effect these repairs!

General Discussion/Good of the Order

    • Mr. Peterson thanked all for their participation in the Zombie Shoot, held in October. It was very well attended and an excellent means to make the community aware of and encourage involvement in the Club. He indicated that the supplies of soft drinks purchased for this and prior events had not yet been consumed and encouraged members to take some home, in order to help clear out storage space in the clubhouse.
    • Mr. Grube announced that a neighbor had donated some aluminum arrows and compound bows to the Club. Though dated, they are in useable condition. Members interested in them may contact a member of the Board.

President Peterson adjourned the meeting at 7:56 PM.