April 2018

El Dorado Hills Bowmen
Club & Board Meeting Agenda
April 12, 2018


Treasurer Report –

Membership Report –

EDH Bowmen Secretary – The Bowmen have been very fortunate to have DAVE and SONIA POWASER serve on the Board performing the many duties of Club Secretary. While we are most happy for them as they relocate to Huntsville Alabama to continue an exemplary career with Aerojet, we will need to find club members to take over these most critical club tasks. It would be best if we could have a new Secretary on board for the next few months so they can learn from Dave and Sonia before they depart this summer.

If you wish to serve the club in this critical position, please contact Dave or Sonia Powaser or any Board Member.

Web Page Enhancements – Ryan & Jessica are currently investigating ways that we can accept application AND PAYMENTS on our WEB site. Kris Selberg and James Myers are working to establish an EDH Bowman PayPal account to accept dues on line.

EDH Promise Foundation – The EDH Bowmen have been approached by the EDH Promise Foundation to switch from our current El Dorado Community Foundation to the EDH Promise Foundation. James Myers, Joe Pettus and Bill Peterson recently met with Allan Priest of the Promise Foundation and came away feeling positive about a possible switch if certain issues can be clarified.

Rattlesnake Alert – The first snake sighting reported is for March 31 at Target #19. BE ALERT


Range Work Day – Saturday April 21,2018 New bales will be delivered for replacement of the sight in range and the 20yd CSD range.
Try Archery – the one-day archery classes offered by EDH CSD will be conducted on Saturdays April 14, May 5, June2, July7, and August 4. These classes are conducted by EDH Bowmen members, USA Archery certified instructors, James Myers (lead instructor), Law Welsh, Dave McReynolds, and Bill Peterson.

USA Archery Instructor Certification Class – EDH Bowmen member Debra Rodriguez is a USA Archery Certified Level 3 Instructor. On Sunday May 6, at the range, she will be conducting classes for archers who wish to obtain Level 1 certification under USA Archery.

If you are interested in becoming part of the instructor team for the CSD “Try Archery” program, see James Myers and the Club will assist in the certification expense.


  • New Additional Depository. New member, JASON SPEAR, constructed a new “Frog Depository” that has been installed at the entrance to target #1. He created a very decorative frog to accept day use contributions. He generously donated all of the materials. Thank You Jason.
  • Girl Scout/EDH Bowmen Association – We have been approached by the Girl Scouts to placed on their “Vendor List” as a place where Girl Scouts units can come to learn the sport of archery and pursue merit badges. I believe it is to our benefit to be listed with Girl Scouts and further establish our connection with the community. I need to confirm, but it is my understanding that they provide the instructors and equipment while we provide validation that we carry insurance.
  • Club Social/Fundraiser – We have been approached by “39 Handles”, a local pub/restaurant in El Dorado Hills, to see if we would like to participate in an evening Social at their establishment where a portion of the food and drink receipts would be shared with the Club. It would be a good way for club members to connect while improving our treasury.
  • El Dorado Hills Bowmen 55yr Anniversary – 2018 marks the 55th year anniversary that the Bowmen have been on our range in El Dorado Hills. Would we consider another “open to the public” event, sometime this year, to celebrate this milestone?
  • Target Backstop Blankets – Lisa Pole and her JOAD organization gave us many (20+) mover’s packing blankets that they had used as backstops at one of their events. We unsuccessfully used them to backstop our Flying Pig. They have no stopping power. With Board approval I would like to either give them to members with a need or donate them to a homeless shelter.
  • Workday Waste Box Expense – In the past, as a result of our association with EDH CSD, we have received a complimentary 30yd waste box for our work days. Something has changed, and while CSD investigates, the club will need to pay $498 for the box on our 21 April work day.
  • Culvert Installation – The culvert recently installed alongside the road on the trail between Targets #27 &28 needs to be extended to better accommodate turning vehicles. If approved by the Board, we will have this work done at the same time we cut the firebreak. Estimated $400 for the culvert and $400 for the extra excavation work.
  • Storage Building Approval Process – As part of the EDH CSD review process, it was determined that the “Target #14” location will require we provide an excavation, retaining wall and drainage design prepared by a licensed engineer. We are currently contacting local engineering firms to determine the cost of preparing these documents and an estimated cost to construct their design. If this cost is prohibitive, we will discuss with CSD a plan that locates the building on the flat in the vicinity of the current container. If the target #14 location is feasible and approved by CSD, it is anticipated that we will remove 900 cubic yards of soil. Under consideration at this time is to use the soil to build up the picnic area behind the Clubhouse in preparation for a possible future picnic structure project.
  • Paper Target Replacement Plan – Our thanks to returning member SCOTT SMITH, who has been regularly replacing paper targets through out the range. We have a very good team of members who have volunteered to replace paper targets on the range through out the year. We have a problem with scheduling the replacements. Range Manager Greg Landon and Scott will be working to find a better way to involve all the team members.

Range Maintenance Projects

  • Weed Control Spray – The 1st time application of pre-emergent spray last fall appears to be working very well. A “Spring Time” application will be scheduled by our applicator and will require that the range be closed for two days during the week.
  • Fire Break – Funds have been approved to scrape a firebreak inside the new wooden fence for the entire length of El Dorado Hills Blvd and the housing property line at the north end of the range. We intend to coordinate this work so that it too can be sprayed as part of our weed control program.
  • Bale Replacements – Bale purchase and replacement is planned for April 21,2018. This will replace the bales on the sight in range, the 20yd CSD range, Target# 20, and keep several fresh bales in storage for unplanned needs.
  • creased Signage –A no smoking sign remains to be installed at the 20yd range. Plans exit to replace the “Range open/range closed” flip sign at the lower parking lot.
  • Paint Shipping Container – No progress
  • Banner Posting Frame – No Progress. Plans are under consideration to modify, or relocate, the existing street side “banner positing frame” to eliminate the visual interference created by the new split rail fence.