Work Party – April 15th

On April 15th, Bowmen’s will receive 75+ bales to replace worn/soft target bales on the range.    Many volunteers will be needed to accomplish this task.  Especially critical for this operation are volunteers who are knowledgeable on the operation of ATVs and Trailers;  there are two ATVs and three trailers.

Any member’s who can operate the Bowmen’s ATV’s or Trailer’s … or have personal ATV’s and Trailers they would like to bring to the work party, please contact Bill Peterson at the email listed below.

A team will be needed at the container to handle the new bales.  We will need a team of 4 to drop the enclosures and load/remove old bales.   Another team of 4 will be needed to set the new bales and reset the enclosures.   While an additional team will be needed to handle the old bales at the drop site.   The more teams we have, the easier the workload for all and the sooner the work can be done.

For questions, please contact Bill Peterson @