Range Target Team Schedule

My thanks to you all for volunteering to change the paper targets at the range.  Many of you were present at the Sept 9 meeting and we discussed the best way to handle this. As a result, let me clarify the plan.
We established three teams of volunteers.  Each team would be responsible for the paper targets for a month…..once every 3 months.
We decided that at the beginning of the month, the team would replace targets on #1- #28.  One month we will put Field Targets on #1-#14 and Hunter targets on #15-#28.  The next month this will be reversed with Hunter targets on #1-#14 and Field targets on#15-#28.
Recognizing that the sight in range and the 20yd range get shot out faster, team members will periodically check and replace targets as needed.
As we approach the beginning of the next month, we can judiciously decide to replace or not replace individual  targets that we know will soon be changed with the normal monthly change out.
The Teams are:
Team #1
Larry Cody
Duane Heilman
Jacob Alway
David Alway
Team #2
Gerry Clouser
Dan Murphy
Pete Johnson
Team #3
Ed Grandez
Jacob Steinbach
Jeff Rogers
Craig Von Chance
Leonard Payne: as needed if available-Call him
I would like each team to pick a team leader who would coordinate the monthly “change out” date with team member availability,
When life’s schedules conflict, I hope that one team could call on members of the other teams to help and fill in.
A list of Names, phone numbers, e-mails and lock combination is on it’s way to all team members.
The Key lock to the target shed has been disabled.  All it takes now is the combination.
Lets start the rotation with
Team#1.    Sept, Dec,March
Team #2  Oct, Jan, Apr
Team #3 Nov, Feb, May.
A method that seems to work well is one person in the shed gathering and marking Targets as to where they go. One person on the ATV with trailer loaded with fresh marked targets. Two people walking along with the ATV pulling off the bad, putting them in the trailer, and putting up the new. In a leap frog manner.
Again we cannot talk about paper targets without recognizing Dennis Sorensen who cuts cardboard and pastes targets so that when we go to the target shed, there are new targets to put out.
If you know any member who would like to join this elite group of target changers, please invite them to join your Team, or contact me.
This definitely qualifies for dues discounts.
My thanks to All
Bill Peterson