2017 By-laws Update

At the January meeting of the El Dorado Hills Bowmen, new bylaws were adopted.  These bylaws restructured the Board of Officers and provides for their annual election.

Under the new bylaws, the new officers rely on committees of members to work with them to spread the load.  Please read the new bylaws and decide which officer position or which committee membership best suits your skills:

2017 Bowmen By-laws – Final

New Website for Club Merchandise Now Open!

We are excited to announce that club members can now visit http://www.logosoftwear.com/shops/EDHBowmen   and shop over 2,000 custom designed shirts, hats, jackets, activewear and accessories from outstanding brands including Adidas, Puma, Columbia, Carhartt, Nike Golf and more.

Many styles, colors and brands are available with our club logo including print and embroidered options so we encourage members to look through all items to find the best product for you. Most products are shown in black to accommodate our standard gold club logo however, when you click on many of the products you will see additional colors available. Free shipping is offered on all orders over $99 and checkout is quick and easy. We hope this new website makes purchasing club apparel and accessories convenient for everyone, if you have any questions about ordering or the website feel free to email KrisSelberg@eldoradohillsbowmen.com

Need Straw?

The club is offering free bales of straw to it’s members. These are not suitable for archery targets, but make excellent soil conditioner, weed control, ground cover, or Halloween decor. If you would like a few bales (or know someone who would like them) contact:  BillPeterson@ElDoradoHillsBowmen.com

Recently, we have moved similar bales to the road with a “FREE” sign only to have the bales disappear the next day. This time we want to give members first crack at them.

We also have bales that have deteriorated and fallen apart. The straw is in various states of decomposition but still would make good soil conditioner/weed control.  We will help load your truck or trailer.

Announcement: Bylaw Update Review

Notice to club members – changes have been proposed to the El Dorado Hills Bowmen Bylaws.

Click on the link to review:  EDH Bowmen Bylaws Articles 6-10 (Draft)

Note the following club meeting dates:

  • November 9th:  The Club Meeting Agenda will include time to discuss the changes to the bylaws.  Members are encouraged to participate in the discussions, ask questions and make suggestions.
  • December 7thThe Club Meeting Agenda will include time to discuss the changes to the bylaws.  Members are encouraged to participate in the discussions, to ask questions and make suggestions.  This date, also,  marks the end period for discussion and suggestions for changes to the bylaws.
  • January 11th:  Bylaw changes will be voted on during the club meeting.  Members are encouraged to attend and cast their votes.

Members can, also, send questions and comments to TomGrube@ElDoradoHillsBowmen.com,  BillPeterson@ElDoradoHillsBowmen.com, or JamesMyers@ElDoradoHillsBowmen.com

Update: Bowmen Beginning Archery Course – October 22nd

Update:  The Beginning Archery Course has been moved to October 22nd due to rainy weather!  Thank-you for your patience!

The next El Dorado Hills Bowmen Beginning Archery course offering is October 22nd. If you are looking to get started with Archery, join us! Anyone 8 years old and up can join; families are ENCOURAGED! No equipment or experience necessary. You do need to register to join the class, as spots are limited.

Age 8-Adult • $35

For more information or to register, go to:

Work Party Success News – Sept. 24th

A productive energetic band of club members accomplished a lot of “heavy lifting” and enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Saturday, September 24 Work Party.

Members in attendance at the Saturday Work Party were: David Ornelas, Mike McCormick, Jeff Rogers, Jon Foad, Rob Rackwitz, Joe Pettus, Dale Kolodziej, Kris Selberg, Dave Stroncak, Terry Wilson, Bill Peterson, Bob Scheidegger, Tom Grube, Eric Land, Tony Dunn Sr, and Glenda Chastain.

Concrete was mixed and poured for the support bases of targets #21 and #22;  the forms had been set on Thursday by Paul Skaggs, Joe Pettus, Tony Dunn, Sr, Dave Stroncak, Eric Land, and Tom Grube.   Furthermore, target #22 was moved to shift the backdrop away from adjacent housing.  Once the hay bales are returned to targets #21 and #22, the concrete base work for the second half targets (15 through 28) will be completed.

Targets #6 through #8 were prepped for their new concrete bases.  Two forms were set on target #8 readying it for concrete and on targets #6 and #7,  the ground was leveled and prepped for concrete forms.

When the work was done, all sat down to share stories and enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by Glenda Chastain, Tom Grube, and Bob Scheidegger.

A big thank-you to all members who attended!  Our archery range is a representation of the dedication, hard work, and labor which our members selflessly contribute to the club!

EDH Bowmen Contact Changes

EDH Bowmen have made a couple of changes in our contacts within the last couple of months and we would like to take the opportunity to announce them to our members.

Administrative Website duties have been turned over to Sonia Powaser; for any upcoming events that you like to have published on the website and Facebook, contact Sonia at SoniaPowaser@eldoradohillsbowmen.com

Newsletter responsibilities have been turned over to Kris Selberg; for any upcoming events that you would like to have published in the newsletter, contact Kris at KrisSelberg@eldoradohillsbowmen.com