Instructor Training – June 10th, July 23rd, August 13th!

Archery Instructor Training – EDH Bowmen Range and Clubhouse
Want to learn to become a USA Archery certified instructor?  This may be your opportunity.  EDH Bowmen is hosting three Level 1 USA Archery Instructor Certification Courses.   The course is open to youth and adults ages 15+, space is limited, reservations are REQUIRED.

Registration Flyer:   Level 1 Certification Training Flyer

For more information and to reserve your sport, contact Deborah at

Public:  Range is open, but please do not disturb the class while they are in the clubhouse and on the Range. Thank-you for your cooperation!

Members: As a member benefit, this course is available to members at a significantly reduced rate. Space is limited.  Please contact James Myers for details at

Work Party – June 17th!

Club Members Notice: Work Party – June 17th, 8AM – Noon.

We need your help! EDH Bowmen is hosting the USA Olympic Archery Day on June 24th! We expect to have a large public turnout and we need to ensure the range is in tip-top shape. Volunteers are needed to assist with landscaping maintenance, changing targets, some painting, etc. The main focus will be all targets on the range, including the sight-in range and the practice targets near the clubhouse where most of the activity will be held. Please plan to help!

Please note the range will be closed to the public during the work party hours. Thank-you for your cooperation!

2017 EDH Bowmen’s North American Animal 3D Shoot – Scores and Awards

The 2017 Bowmen’s 3D Shoot was a big success!  Thank-you to all 110 Archers who came out and participated (despite the rain and wind)!

Award Announcements and the Final Scorecards for the Public Shoot on March 5th:

2017 Bowmen’s 3D Shoot Awards

2017 Bowmen’s 3D Shoot Scorecard

2017 Bowmen’s 3D Shoot Guest Scorecard

Final Scorecards for the Member Shoot on March 4th:

2017 Bowmen’s 3D Shoot Member’s Scorecard

Photo’s from the 2017 Event:

Brag Board Page Launch!

We have launched the “Bowmen’s Bragging Board” on the website!   Click the “Brag Board” link on the menu above to take a look!

If you are a member of our club and are interested in doing a little “bragging”, please send your favorite picture(s) to; include your name, the year of the hunt and a location description.

February 25th Range Closed 8AM – 2PM!

Notice: The Range will be closed on February 25th from 8AM – 2PM during a scheduled work party. All members are invited to the work party to assist in preparation for the March 5th shoot. For any questions, please contact Bill Peterson @
Thank-you for your patience and support!

Work Party – Thursday, February 23rd

Additional Help Needed This Thursday Morning

The Workday schedule is being augmented to accommodate the sunny days forecast for Thursday and Friday of this week.

The excavator will be on the range Thursday morning to fill a 30yd dumpster.  In addition to disposing of the old bales that line the field south of the container, we will dispose of the 50yd, 60yd, and 70yd sight in range bales and replace them with new.

We will still have work to do on the previously scheduled Saturday( 2/25)  workday….

But if at this late notice you, are available to help Tony, Eric and me Thursday (2/23) morning, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

Bill Peterson

Announcement: Election Results

On February 8th, new leaders were elected to the El Dorado Hills Bowmen’s Board.  The positions were re-defined in the updated Club Bylaws, which were voted into effect during the January Club meeting.  While these new leaders will take a vital role in shaping the direction of our club, their success is reliant on club members participating in the committee’s (see below) and taking an interest our activities!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing President, Tom Grube.  His leadership and commitment have made the club a successful recreation haven for our archery community.  We are thankful that he will continue on in the position of Member at Large!

Please welcome and congratulate our new leaders:

President:  Bill Peterson

Vice President – Tournaments and Events:  James Myers

Vice President – Publicity:  Kristofer Selberg

Secretary:  David Powaser

Treasurer:  Glenda Chastain

Range Manager:  Tony Dunn, Sr.

Members at Large:  Tom Grube (Past President), Richard English, and Greg Landon

Committee’s in need of volunteers:

  • Membership committee
  • Activity committee
  • Publicity committee
  • Target committee

If you would like to volunteer, please join us for our Club Meeting on March 8th @ 6:30PM!

For contact information, please see our Contacts page:

For more information on the responsibilities for the committee’s, please see Article VII of the Bylaws:  2017 Bowmen Bylaws – Final


Assistance Needed for Events Committee!

If you are looking for a way to help out with the Tournament, now is your opportunity to join the Tournament and Event’s Committee!

We are holding our first meeting this week, Friday February 8th at 6:30pm.  Come join us at the range clubhouse, and help us get ready for the big shoot!  At the meeting on Friday, we will be focused first and foremost on aligning support and discussing required activities for our Annual Shoot.  We will also discuss the 2017 events calendar, and start planning a few of these events.

We sincerely hope that all members are getting involved, because this is our premier event of the year and we can certainly use your help!

Here is a bit of information about the committee from our bylaws:
Members of the Tournament and Events Committee are tasked with assisting the 1st Vice President in developing and coordinating all club activities, including:

a. The Annual Open 3‐D Tournament

b. The Broadhead League

c. Monthly and special one‐time Club Shoots

d. Conduct archery instruction for the EDH Community Service Districts and other public entities. e. The Annual Awards Dinner and other social events.

Hope to see you there!

For more information, please contact:
James Myers
Vice President, Tournaments and Events
USA Archery Level II Instructor Trainer

2017 By-laws Update

At the January meeting of the El Dorado Hills Bowmen, new bylaws were adopted.  These bylaws restructured the Board of Officers and provides for their annual election.

Under the new bylaws, the new officers rely on committees of members to work with them to spread the load.  Please read the new bylaws and decide which officer position or which committee membership best suits your skills:

2017 Bowmen By-laws – Final