New Storage at the Range

Storage Justification – November 8th Meeting.
Approval for funding a project to construct a metal storage building will be voted on at the next monthly meeting of the EDH Bowmen.  (Wednesday, November 8, 2017 at 6:30pm at the range)
As presented at the October Club meeting and mentioned in previous e-mails, Club members will be asked to approve the expenditure of club funds to purchase and construct a large metal storage building.
The justification, construction, and funding document for this ambitious project was presented at the October meeting. This document, with modifications, is now posted on the club WEB Site. You are encouraged to visit the web to read this document or pick up a printed copy at the bulletin board at the start to target #1
The project cost is estimated at $40,000. The motion is to approve a club expenditure not to exceed $35,000 to be spent incrementally over the life of the construction project and with the caveat that at no time would the total of our three bank accounts be allowed to drop below $15,000. Tax deductible donations will be sought for the balance of construction costs.
Please consider reading the proposal and attending the November club meeting.
Since 1963, a 54 year legacy of stewardship exercised by a succession of active club members….Join the tradition.
To read the justification, click on the link: